So that’s where I am again! I have 884 calories left that I am supposed to eat & it is 9PM!!! Wtf??? I know I have things to eat in the kitchen, but I am TRYING to make healthy choices… Stupid oreos calling my name…
We’re double stuuuffffff…
And chocolatelyyyyyy…
Come and eat uuusssss…….
Only problem is, I know I won’t be able to stop when I should – I will eat half (possibly the whole) bag and then I’d be back at square one.
Bad idea.
Although I did make a trip to one of our local all natural food stores and picks up some fun stuff to try – one item I ate for dinner that I was a big Dan of was a broccoli and cheese frittata by cedar lane.
Also found a specialty store that sells every kind of flour, bean, extract, dried fruit, spice, etc. you can think of! Now that is MY kind of shopping!!
Unfortunately being a BG I don’t love to clothes shop – a frustrating endeavor for women of all sizes, but being plus size and petite with small hips – fughedaboudit……
Ok – off to the kitchen to see if I can find a snack and not ruin myself.
It’s been 3 days since I’ve had any pop! (that’s soda to any of you not from this area;)



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