Bad blogger

Ok, ok, ok… So the past 2 weeks I’ve neglected the blog… So SUE me!
However I have still been keeping on track and was down .4 last week (not much, but better than nothing), and down 1.2 this week.
I did a little happy dance when I got off the scale – which is the exact OPPOSITE of what I am used to doing!
In other news…
I discovered this kale salad in the pinterest (yes… “the”… deal with it). It’s called the Better Than Trader Joe’s Kale Salad & it is TASTAY!!! I ate it for lunch almost everyday this week & got my best work bitchachas hooked too:). As the website says, it’s shockingly delicious, and crazy easy! GO MAKE THE SALAD!!!
Ok, off to a bridal shower… I’m slightly nervous about staying on track – with wine & snacks etc. we’ll see how thi all shakes down… Wish me luck!




Week one done & I’m down 1.6! My goal is about a pound per week – I’m trying to go slow and steady… I know fast has not worked in the past (hey… That rhymed:)
So what a way to wake up a Saturday morning!

Yummy yogurt!

Holy delicious yogurt Batman!!!
Ok, so 230 calories for yogurt is definitely on the high side… But this was my dessert tonight and I cannot even begin to describe it’s yumminess! Totally worth it.
It’s coconut low-fat yogurt (I heart just about anything with coconut), with a sidecar of toasted almonds & dark chocolate!!!
Definitely needed this after a day of meetings that made me want to stick pencils in my eyes & gave me a migraine:/
Hope you all had a good Tuesday!
And seriously – go try this friggin yogurt. For realz!


So that’s where I am again! I have 884 calories left that I am supposed to eat & it is 9PM!!! Wtf??? I know I have things to eat in the kitchen, but I am TRYING to make healthy choices… Stupid oreos calling my name…
We’re double stuuuffffff…
And chocolatelyyyyyy…
Come and eat uuusssss…….
Only problem is, I know I won’t be able to stop when I should – I will eat half (possibly the whole) bag and then I’d be back at square one.
Bad idea.
Although I did make a trip to one of our local all natural food stores and picks up some fun stuff to try – one item I ate for dinner that I was a big Dan of was a broccoli and cheese frittata by cedar lane.
Also found a specialty store that sells every kind of flour, bean, extract, dried fruit, spice, etc. you can think of! Now that is MY kind of shopping!!
Unfortunately being a BG I don’t love to clothes shop – a frustrating endeavor for women of all sizes, but being plus size and petite with small hips – fughedaboudit……
Ok – off to the kitchen to see if I can find a snack and not ruin myself.
It’s been 3 days since I’ve had any pop! (that’s soda to any of you not from this area;)


What to eat…


So yesterday and today I have struggled to figure out what exactly to “spend” my calories on for the day. The myfitnesspal app gave me all these calories & I haven’t been able to eat them all…
This sounds so stupid to me – I’m sure before yesterday I was eating double (or more) the calories they recommend. And once I get used to counting my calories again & go grocery shopping, I hopefully will not have this problem!
In non-related news, we (the boy & I) have been working behind the scenes on the musical at school this week & tomorrow is closing night! Was able to stay on track even with eating at odd hours:).
Ok, back to trolling the pinterest for yummy looking healthy (vegetarian) recipes… Help:).

If at first

So, here I am again. Rock bottom. Well, boulder would probably describe it better at this point.

I should clarify – I love most aspects of my life. I have a great (and wonderfully goofy) boyfriend, the cutest wiener dog on the planet (yes, I know I’m biased, but I am not having children, so my dog is it), and even with the snarky teens, my teaching job is muy divertido.

So back to my boulder problem… a friend posted some pics on FB from a trip we took our students on last week to Quebec City (it was fantastique!) and when I looked at them I barely recognized myself. I tend to do the common “fat girl” thing and avoid the camera at all costs – and when I’m forced in front of a lens, I hide behind people, objects, silly costumes/faces, or only take pictures shoulders up (fellow BG’s – big girls – you know the drill). However these captured most of my body.


I look like someone took an air hose and pumped my face and body up. Like I ate half the children on the bus. What have I done? How did I let it get so bad?

Of course there are obstacles, which I will tackle in future posts, but I decided last night I needed to make a changed – so here it is. Accountablility. Even if I’m the only person who ever sees this, at least I’m accountable to myself. I’m going to use the My Fitness Pal app that’s been on my phone for ages and keep track of what I’m eating, and eventually start moving again (obstacles – again future post).

It’s time.

One of the photos I have a love/hate relationship with - had a great time at this place

One of the photos I have a love/hate relationship with – had a great time at this place

My teacher friends and I playing the spoons - again I'm the BG.

My teacher friends and I playing the spoons – again I’m the BG.